Repairs and Servicing

For those riders who don’t wish to get their hands dirty or don’t have the time we do bike repairs and maintenance. We take the ‘not-for-profit’ and ‘community’ aspects of Nottingham BikeWorks very seriously, but we still have to pay the rent, buy milk and biscuits and stock up on parts so the following charges apply.


Standard Service: £25 plus parts

  • Safety Check
  • Check and inflate tyres
  • Brake Service, replacing cables and pads if required (not including hydraulic brakes)
  • Gear Service, replacing cables if required
  • Adjust headset and grease seat-post
  • Chain check and oil
  • Parts are extra

Deluxe Service: £65 plus parts

  • All the above plus:
  • Lubricate all cables
  • True and tension both wheels
  • Grease and adjust both wheel hubs
  • Grease and adjust headset
  • Grease and adjust bottom bracket
  • Clean and oil chain
  • Hand-wash bike

Other Repairs (price below plus parts):

  • Puncture Repair £5.00 or £9.00 with new tube
  • Replace chain and rear cassette £10
  • Replace internal bottom bracket £15
  • Wheel Truing £8 per wheel
  • Hydraulic Brake Service £20 per wheel (including fluid)
  • Fit mudguards £15
  • Fit racks £8


You are welcome to bring your bike in for a free assessment and quote.


*Please note: Repairs not collected after 4 weeks may be sold to cover the costs*