Projects & Education - Nottingham Bike Works

We work with an  increasing number of community groups, schools and other local organisations delivering a range of  projects and courses that use bikes and cycling to develop practical skills and build confidence. We offer both vocational and qualification based training.

‘Build-a-Bike’ project

Participants choose a donated bike, strip it down completely, respray the frame and then rebuild it, replacing parts as required, to end up with a roadworthy bike. Basic maintenance and repair such as punctures, lubrication and brake/gear adjustment are covered along the way. This is a very flexible project that can be extended or adapted to suit individual or group requirements.


Our fully qualified instructors can provide individual or group cycle training via the Government Accredited Bikeability programme. All abilities are catered for: Level 1 for beginners is off-road; Level 2 and 3 involve on-road instruction.

Accredited Courses

We will shortly become a fully accredited City and Guilds Training Provider and offer a range of nationally recognised Bike Maintenance qualifications at Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2. We are also able to deliver skills based qualifications such as ASDAN.

Our partners include:

Nottingham Refugee Forum

We have a close working partnership with the Forum and have delivered a wide range of projects for young and adult refugees from a wide range of backgrounds. We design the projects to help language development and integration and even provide participants with lights, locks, helmets and tools. In conjunction with cycle training and local orientation this means they can cycle safely on UK roads and also keep their bikes in good running order. We have also worked with the Red Cross refugee project and Refugee Futures.

Local Secondary Schools

We have delivered projects for a number of secondary schools, including Arnold Hill Academy and Rushcliffe School and are actively developing programmes with several others.  We can operate as an alternative education provider, offering closely supervised tuition for small groups of young people to support the school curriculum and also  deliver enrichment activities for larger groups. We are happy to work on school sites providing tools, bikes and equipment or at our own specialist workshop on Ayr Street.  Time and again we have witnessed what a powerful learning tool the bicycle can be, encouraging engagement, confidence and success.

Home School Community

In the New Year we will be launching our first term-long programme with home-educated children. As well as the usual build-a-bike elements we will also be incorporating physics, maths and design to expand the project across multiple curriculum areas.

Castle Cavendish

We are a delivery partner for Castle Cavendish (LINK) and with them provide a number of projects aimed specifically at children in the local area, targeting those suffering disadvantage through social factors such as low income, unemployment, family breakdown or abuse.

If you have a group, organisation or individual who you think would benefit from our project work, then please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss how we can help.